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Terms of delivery and payment

Delivery area

It is possible to define a delivery zone here


Delivery within 60-90 minutes

The minimum order amount is UAH 400

Orders in the amount of 400 to 600 UAH - 50 UAH

Orders from UAH 600 are free


Free delivery within 90-120 minutes

The minimum order amount is UAH 600


Free delivery within 120 minutes

The minimum order amount is UAH 800

* Delivery outside the Zone

Delivery within 120 minutes

The minimum order amount is UAH 1000

Cost of delivery - UAH 100

Delivery terms

We deliver the order to the front door

Orders throughout Kyiv - from 60 to 120 minutes.

* Delivery time may be extended, the operator will notify

*** Outside the city, delivery is carried out by agreement. The final decision is made by the delivery manager.

How to place an order?

Orders can be placed at delivery

Pick it up yourself, or order home delivery at

+38 (063) 079-91-02
+38 (063) 615-09-89

Payment methods

Cash Courier

Courier card

And in a self-service restaurant

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